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JUNE 2010

Attic Brewing Company originated in 2010 when we started homebrewing in our attic apartment in Philly's historic Germantown neighborhood.  Our first beer was a black IPA brewed from a kit that not only tasted great, but paired really well with Keebler's fudge striped cookies.  We were hooked!  We became fascinated with the art of homebrewing, concocting new recipes with traditional and strange ingredients while adapting to the challenges of brewing in a third floor attic apartment (Our downstairs neighbor discovered beer dripping from her ceiling one day). 


When we didn't brew, we visited hundreds of craft breweries all around the U.S.A., taking mental notes on the beer, the atmosphere, the operations, and the community impact.  It didn't take long before we dreamed of opening our own brewery someday. After falling in love with the history, culture, and diversity of Germantown, we knew the neighborhood is the perfect place for us to make that dream a reality.  




Besides our passion for beer, we have a passion for the great outdoors and believe it is our responsibility to leave a minimal footprint on our already fragile earth.  Our business model includes implementing greener practices to reduce harmful waste that effect the environment.  For example; you will never see us serving out of plastic ware, we will use re-purposed materials in the taproom, and our spent grains will be donated to local farms, bakeries, and gardens.  

Our long term goals is to take an active role in environmental responsibility by bringing awareness to our community. We're thinking neighborhood trash clean-ups along with hiking and running clubs. Anything to get us outside enjoying nature. 


Oh, and we also want to eventually install our own renewable energy sources to be 100% self efficient!




As far as we can tell, there hasn't been a brewery in Germantown since the early 1900's.  We see how breweries function as valuable community assets and know that our brewery will help restore Germantown's vitality and health without affecting the neighborhood's strong diversity and culture. 


We want to use our brewery as a force for good by sharing our prosperity with employees and the community. A portion of our profits will be donated to local independent arts and music, charitable organizations, and community building.  

Plus Germantown needs that social hub!  Nothing brings a community together like drinking some beer with friends, family, neighbors, and even those out of towners.  

The Team


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