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Updated 12/4/2023

Attic Beers



Bloodhound Brown Ale: ABV 5.2%    2020 GABF Silver Medal

Brewed with local Deer Creek Malthouse Rye, this brown ale has a great malty flavor with hints of dark fruit, caramel and spice to balance the sweetness.



Common Nightjar 13° Czech Dark Lager: ABV 5.3%   Lukr Side Pull!

This Czech dark lager showcases complex malty notes in a beautifully subtle way. Slight roasty notes upfront, moderate caramel and toasty notes in the middle, with a clean, crisp lager finish. Czech malt, Saaz hops, house lager yeast.  

G-Town Strutter German Pilsner: ABV 5.4%  Lukr Side Pull!

Crisp maltiness is balanced with a hoppy bite of German noble hops.  A beautifully bright, dry, and clean pilsner. 


Blaisdell Hazy Pale Ale: ABV 4.9%

This hazy pale ale is named after the Blaisdell Paper Pencil Company, the original occupier of our building established in 1898.  Brewed with Centennial, Mosaic, and Citra hops, it is smooth, dry, hoppy, a little piney, a little juicy, and extremely crushable.

Bad Nina Hazy Pale Ale: ABV 5.0% (b

Named after our crazy, but loveable brewery dog, Bad Nina Hazy Pale Ale is brewed exclusively with Citra hops. It's juicy with a clean bitter bite and super refreshing.

Stratacat Hazy IPA: ABV 7.0% (b

Brewed with almost all Strata hops and some Citra, this hazy IPA features notes of fresh strawberry, sweet tropical fruit, citrus, and is a tad dank.  

Solar Song Hazy IPA: ABV 7.2% (b

This hazy IPA saturates your mouth with a juicy rush of tropical fruit, tea leaves, and lemongrass that finishes with a pungent, herbal, dank, hoppy bite. Brewed with Sabro, Cashmere, and Idaho 7 hops.

Cat Boss West Coast IPA: ABV 7.3% (b

Our take on a west coast style IPA. Brewed with Cascade and Centennial hops, it is floral and orange zesty with a little pine at the end. Bitter, clean and balanced. One of our most popular IPA’s!


Cast of Characters Hazy Double West Coast IPA: ABV 8.7% (b

Dedicated to our team and customers, who we lovingly refer to as our "Cast of Characters." This west coast double IPA is brewed with Simcoe, Amarillo, Cascade and Centennial hops.  It's medium bodied and hoppy.  Tasting notes of pine, orange peel, and grapefruit with a bitter, clean finish.  



Love Bird Oatmeal Stout: ABV 4.6% 

Our original stout is back! A roasty, toasty, dry stout brewed with lots of flaked oats. Notes of dark chocolate, roasted coffee beans, toasted biscuit, and dark caramel.

Severed Paths Baltic Porter: ABV 8.6% 

Cold fermented using lager yeast, this excellent historic style has characteristics of a dark lager and a porter, but bumped up a few notches. It's roasty, malty, with a rounded body that covers up any hint of its strong ABV. Notes of dark fruit, molasses, dark chocolate, and toffee. 


Honey Ale: ABV 5.3% 

We brewed this Honey Ale with 80 lbs of locally sourced honey from We Bee Brothers, and kept the malt bill and hop addition simple to really let the honey flavors shine through. And they do with beautiful notes of sweet herbal, floral, white grapes and peach. 


Meeting at Mash Belgian Ale brewed with basil and lemon peel : ABV 6.3% 

Belgian ale brewed with basil & lemon peel. It's light with slight herbal and citrus flavors that beautifully compliment the Belgian esters. Official Barrel & Flow collaboration with The Melanated Mash Makers. 


Pitouchi Belgian Strong Dark Ale: ABV 10.0% 

We named this Belgian “quad” after Pitouchi the cat, who was adopted in the trenches by a Belgian officer during World War I. A complex balance of sweet, bready malts, dark fruit esters, and that Belgian Ale spice...this beautiful dark ale finishes perfectly smooth, dry, and delicate with just a slight bit of alcohol warmth.



 - Make Disco Famous Triple IPA

 - Tiger Smile Hazy IPA

 - Chief Mouser IPA

 - Common Swift Czech Pilsner

 - Wister Woods Vienna Lager

 - Italian Pilsner

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