Opening Late 2019!

Work is progressing at 137 Berkley Street in Germantown Philadelphia!  Our 6000 square feet of old warehouse space has completely transformed over the last few months.  We have a new roof, new walls, new windows, and new doors.  We also kept as much as the original structure as possible.  We had the old paint sandblasted off the brick walls to expose the original brick.  We kept the original support beams as is.  The concrete floors are polished. 

Most importantly, our 10 barrel brewing system from Quality Tank Solutions arrived from Wisconsin!  The equipment is in place and for the next two or three weeks the team from Quality Tank Solutions will help us get things hooked up and ready for brewing!  We might be brewing our first batch of beer by November 2019!



Work on the taproom is underway as well!  We got ourselves an awesome back bar that dates back to the late 19th century.  Philadelphia Salvage is creating a front bar for us with reclaimed materials salvaged from old buildings and homes in the Philadelphia region.  We picked out some beautifully restored antique lights from John at J&N Antique Lighting.  That homey, nostalgic look we are going is coming together! Next up is the fun stuff...finding the perfect decor.


When things are all said and done, expect fourteen taps for beer and four taps for wine, cider, and soda.  We'll rotate through our ales and lagers, making sure there is always a beer style for everyone.  We will not have a kitchen, which will make us a "Bring Your Own Food" joint.  Deke's BBQ will conveniently be next door from which you'll be able to order from in our taproom.  We'll bring in guest food trucks as well!  


As far as pets, we love animals and sometimes kids, when they behave, and would love to have them in the taproom too, but we'll have to see what the health department says.  For entertainment we'll have live music, board games, quizzo, bingo, drunk history parties, Metal Mondays, and B-Movie TV...just to name a few.

Most importantly, we set very high standards and will never serve mediocre beer, even if it costs us a batch down the drain.

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